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Contact: ERI information desk.

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  • Electrical / Power Engineering
Tel:(011) 629 4000
Fax:(011) 626 2355
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PO Box 40698, Cleveland, 2022, South Africa

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Lower Germiston Road, Rosherville, Johannesburg, 2094

Website:http://www.rotekindustries. ...

Company profile

Eskom Rotek Industries has a rich history of electricity maintenance support spanning more than a century. Based in Rosherville in the south of Johannesburg, the company has a national footprint in the form of smaller regional and project site offices. It is a dynamic business with operations clustered around five product groups:
     All five product groups within Eskom Rotek Industries each play a major role in one or more of the four stages of the electricity generation cycle. Because they are part of an uninterrupted cycle, these business units interact and consult with each other as a matter of course and are streamlined to enhance efficiencies and cost effectiveness.


Product & services

Eskom Rotek Industries operates along the entire electricity generation value chain and is Eskom’s primary service provider for Turbine and Generator, Transformer and Switchgear, Construction, Logistics and Bulk Material Services.
 Bulk Material Services is involved with the sourcing and transportation of Primary Energy (water and coal) to the Eskom Power Stations while Boiler Maintenance Services and Turbo Gen Services operate within the Generation stage of the electricity generation cycle. Transformer and Switchgear Services is involved in the process of providing electricity via  Transmission and Distribution lines whereas Logistics Services and Construction Services offer a support service through the Generation,     Transmission and Distribution phases of electricity generation.
  Eskom Rotek Industries is a dynamic business with operations organized in five business units. These business units are strategically structured to provide clients with uniquely packaged solutions to all their needs.

Bulk Material Services specialises in bulk material handling for coal, ash, limestone and gypsum, water

services, project management and related engineering solutions. In addition, it also offers plant maintenance, water treatment solutions, coal transportation logistics and the selling of coal combustible products such as ash, gypsum and salts.

Construction Services specializes in both civil and electrical construction. Backed by decades of experience in serving the power generation business, Eskom Rotek Industries Construction Services offers energy efficient installations, general road maintenance, power line and substation construction, cabling and switchgear and electrification services.

Logistics Services offers road transport, material handling and consolidation, warehousing, full scope waste management and road logistics services. These encompass the transportation of plant and auxiliary components to remote sites, the removal of both general and hazardous waste, as well as the haulage of all heavy and abnormal sized equipment. With the largest multi-axle fleet in the Southern hemisphere, Logistics Services has the capacity to transport anything between 0 – 500 tons.

Transformer and Switchgear Services offers maintenance, refurbishment, repair and modification of transformers and switchgear, both on site and at our advanced, workshop facilities in Johannesburg. We provide a 24/7 turnkey service on transformer and related switchgear equipment that includes commissioning, localized cabling and stringing, oil leak repairs and electrical testing.

Turbo Gen Services has the ability to service and refurbish all rotating equipment and related components. With more than a century of experience in the maintenance of power generation turbines and generators, Turbo Gen Services can deliver complete turnkey engineering solutions. The Turbo Gen Services workshops in Johannesburg span 58,000 m2 under craneage and can handle up to 325 tons, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.



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