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  • Power (Energy Efficiency)
Tel:+27 012 844 0752
Fax:+27 086 603 9542
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Suite 170, Private Bag X2, North Riding, 2162


Physical address:

The CIC, Innovation Centre, Hotel Street via Meiring Naude Road, Persequor, Tshwane, 0020


Website:http://www.greenthermoenerg ...

Company profile

Founders & Management:

CEO & MD:  Jill Sesoko, BA (Sociology), MSc (Development Planning), Executive Development Program, New Economics Foundation Program in Social and Ethical accounting, Based on a professional background in Development Planning, Jill has for the past 16 years been managing development projects in diverse industries.

Executive Director:  Clifford Makoloane, MBA Strategic Management; MDP Management; NTD Engineering. Vast technical knowledge and experience in the power generation; Aluminium; Heavy Minerals; and Lime industries. He has extensive physical Asset Management experience gained at a strategic level

CTO:  Leon Sesoko, MBB Lean Six Sigma; Advanced Marketing Management Diploma; Graduate Diploma in Process Metallurgy of Aluminium; HND Extractive Metallurgy. Extensive knowledge and skill in executing analyses and providing specialist advice, including inter-alia, spearheading of capacity building exercises for energy and greenhouse gas excellence; and the optimization of Production and Maintenance routines for positive end-to-end performance outcomes

CFO: Vacant

Category: Energy Efficiency / Sustainability

Year Founded:  2008

Year Operational:  2014

Year Competed CTO:  2017

Number of Employees:  9 (incl. 5 vacancies)

Business Description: GreenThermo Energy (GTE) aspires to produce Eco-Biodiesel™ by incinerating waste biomass in a Plasma Arc Flow (PAF®) Recycler, then capturing the resultant syngas to convert and purify it into synthetic diesel, which is then additized with a burn-rate catalyst. The commodity freight industry and mine haulage operations constitute our largest target markets. Eco-Biodiesel is a differentiator for GTE, in that no other biodiesel producer in SA utilizes W-t-E technology on a large scale, nor additizes the biodiesel with a burn-rate catalyst.

Product/Market Fit: As a minimum viable product, our target market is currently ready for our patented burn-rate catalyst, aka: Fuel Performance Catalyst (FPC®), which is added to the customers’ regular fossil diesel to improve fuel combustion efficiency. Tests have been conducted with numerous pilot customers; and results showed significant improvement in fuel consumption.

Business Model: The modular PAF® recyclers are imported and marketed in SA by His Will Innovations (our technology partner), who collaborates with municipalities and other relevant stakeholders for the required waste biomass feedstock, to produce pure biodiesel (B100), which will then be transported and stored at GTE’s tank farm. Bakers and other similar Transporters are appointed to deliver specified quantities of fossil diesel into the GTE tank farm, and then carry away specified quantities of pre-blended biodiesel in accordance with customer orders (e.g. B10 biodiesel) to the customer designated storages. Meanwhile, GTE currently delivers FPC to the fuel customers, where it is added as close as possible to the fuel’s point of use.

Technologies/Special Know-how: The PAF® Recycler and FPC® burn-rate enhancer are both proven-technology items that are utilized widely across the globe, and are both already patented worldwide by the respective OEM’s. Meanwhile, GTE has filed for protection of the brand name Eco-Biodiesel™, as well as for novelty in the application of FPC on biodiesel, supported by extensive testing and validation for its effectiveness by the Tshwane University of Technology’s Technology Station in Chemicals.

Product & services

We are fully licensed to supply the following minimum viable products (MVA’s) competitively against national grid prices: -

·  Diesel; Petrol; Jet Fuel (A1 & JP54); Paraffin; LP Gas; and Biofuels.

Furthermore, we are currently building capacity to utilize ‘proven’ technology for converting waste biomass into syngas, of which we would process every batch using Fischer-Tropsch(F-T) converters and then additize it using a novel combustion catalyst, in order to produce our Eco-Biodiesel™ brand.

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