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Contact: Dagmar Noome

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  • Information Technology.
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861 Farm Road,Willow Glen,Pretoria 0184


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Our Services

1. Flexible Service Options
we offer a service model that is customizable right down to individual server or database level. We therefore can truly say that we offer services that are suitable for SME’s to large corporates.

2. 24×7 Monitoring
Newman uses state-of-the-art technology, which enables us to provide service of the highest standard. The Inspector is a revolutionary Wide-Area-Monitoring solution that ensures that systems and Service Levels are monitored proactively across networks and geographical regions with the least amount of effort. It provides feedback as needed, based on predefined thresholds related to the systems being monitored. The Inspector was designed to assist technicians with their day-to-day support tasks and to ensure that all KPI’s are met without the risk of human error or negligence – 24/7!

3. Remote Services
The Inspector allows us to provide remote monitoring and support services. This is what makes the Newman services so cost effective. Our remote services are highly secure – all communication takes place through a single port and is protected by 1024 Bit SSL encryption over HTTPS. These safety measures allow site owners to retain complete control over security

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