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Contact: William McCarroll
e-Mail: william.mccarroll@powertech ...

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Parent company:Powertech
Key sector/s:
  • Electricity
  • Power
Tel:+27 (0) 12 380 5600
Fax:+27 (0) 86 524 4675
Postal address:

PO Box 691, Pretoria, 0001


Company profile

Powertech Insulation (PTI) manufactures and supplies electrical and thermal insulation, conductor material and related mechanical products and services used in rotating electrical machinery, energy generation, thermal sectors and general industry. Powertech Insulation was previously known as Whiteleys South Africa and Powertech Calidus (Pty) Ltd.

Product & services

Powertech Insulation (PTI) is a leading supplier of pressboard, moulded and machined parts, sets and kits and electrical insulation paper to Southern African markets all used for transformer applications. Powertech Insulation, previously known as Whiteleys South Africa and Powertech Calidus (Pty) Ltd, is in a long term partnership with Weidmann Electrical Technology AG, Switzerland who is amongst the top suppliers of insulation to large transformer companies in North America and Europe.

Powertech Insulation (PTI) also offers a wide range of transformer accessories and are distributors of the Qualitrol, Cedaspe, Viat and Elmek range of transformer accessories.

PT Insulation (PTI) also offers copper rods, copper strip and copper busbars to customers as part of its transformer accessories range.  The plant is based in Pretoria West and consists of a copper processing facility whereby the feed stock is an oxidised free casting copper rod.

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