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Parent company:ACTOM (Pty) Ltd
Key sector/s:
  • Mining
Tel:(011) 914-9600

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Reid & Mitchell repairs and manufactures electric motors, generators and alternators for draglines, shovels, off-highway vehicles and drills used in opencast mining, as well as electrical equipment for the rail and oil & gas industries, both locally and globally.

Metalplus: (011) 433-1880

Metalplus repairs, refurbishes and manufactures a wide range of mechanical components, including turbines, impellers, rolls, shafts and traction motor and gearbox casings used in the power generation, petrochemical, mining, processing, steel, transportation and marine industries.

Contact Engineering: (011) 892-3013

Contact Engineering manufactures and refurbishes commutators for locomotive traction motors and the DC motor repair market and manufactures a diverse range of electro-mechanical components that include slip-ring assemblies, electrical contacts and flexible connectors.  

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