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Contact: Jannie Engelke

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Contact: Norman Banks

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Key sector/s:
  • Airborne Lidar Survey
  • Geospatial
  • Information technology
  • Mining
  • Power
Tel:+27 (0) 11 467 2609
Fax:+27 (0) 11 468 3443
Postal address:

P O Box 1139, Fourways, 2055

Physical address:

39 Kingfisher Drive, Fourways, Johannesburg, Gauteng


Company profile

Southern Mapping Company (SMC) is a geospatial solution provider and aerial survey company using remote sensing technologies, based in South Africa. We specialise in high accuracy Lidar and Hyperspectral Imagery; as well as a range of Satellite Imagery products for use in the infrastructure, mining, urban mapping, agriculture and environmental sectors.

We produce high accuracy maps with related geospatial information including Orthophoto’s and DTM’s (digital terrain models), Hyperspectral data for Mineral and Environmental studies; from which a vast range of products is produced for use in Infrastructure and Mining, Planning; Risk Management and GIS Solutions.

We regard Sub-Saharan Africa as being our natural market area. There are no other companies with our range of sensors resident in Africa, although a number of companies, also based in South Africa, have recently acquired Lidar technology. The nature of our product allows us to survey large areas quite quickly and therefore provide the ability to service an extended area. We have over 17 years of experience in this field, servicing Africa and feel that we know the market fairly well.

Product & services

  1. Lidar terrain models. Three dimensional (3D) models of the ground (terrain) and various above ground features are computed from the airborne observations. These are used to derive contours, volumes, existing powerline conductor locations, building locations and extents, ground and above ground obstacles, etc. The accuracy of this data is better than 10cm.
  2. Colour orthoimagery. Digital photography taken from the aircraft is draped over the ground elevation model to create a highly accurate, seamless mosaic of the project area, which can be imported into many software packages as a visual backdrop, as well as providing information such as land uses, route planning, land cover, obstacle identification, etc. The image resolution is typically 10 to 20cm.
  3. Hyperspectral imagery. This provides a multichannel information set, with layers of information in the visible, near and mid-infrared bands. The data set provides information such as crop health, crop stress due to drought and disease, vegetation species mapping, pollution and hazardous substance mapping (airborne and waterborne), soil classification, mineral mapping, etc. The image resolution of this data is usually 60cm.
  4. Satellite Imagery – A vast range of satellite imagery products are available for clients needs – from basic planning imagery (5m resolution) to high resolution 50cm. DTM’s and satellite geological mapping products are also produced.

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