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Free Tariff and HS Code Assistance to SAEEC members

We are pleased to inform you that the SAEEC has purchased the complete volume of the latest Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System Explanatory Notes Fifth Edition, PLUS the Jacobsens Tariff Book for importing goods into South Africa.

About HS codes

Are you paying the correct import and export duties? Are you benefiting from South Africa’s Free Trade Agreements? This all depends on how you have classified your products under the Harmonized Commodity Description and Encoding System (HS Codes), which determines the duties applied across 200 countries.

The official interpretation of the HS Codes is published by the World Customs Organisation in the Explanatory Notes (5 volumes), so it is critical that you interpret and apply the correct codes.

Our in-house facilities

The Council has set up a private workstation at our offices for Members whereby you can access this information either from the manuals or online at no charge.

We trust that you will find this a useful addition to our member services especially for smaller companies that cannot afford to purchase these directories. 

Contact us to let us know when you would like to use this facility.

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