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Our industry

The Electrotechnical industry covers:

Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Electronics

  • The industry has a local value in excess of US$40B.
  • It is characterised by a combination of entrepreneurship underpinned by strong design and implementation principles.
  • The majority of companies have a minimum ISO 9000 certification and a proven track record of global success.

South African firms are leaders in applying technology and devel0ping innovative solutions that meet the requirements of emerging and developing countries and new market requirements. What South Africa lacks in relative size, it makes up for in flexibility and specialisation.

Breakdown of the South Africa Electrotechnical Industry

Success of the various sectors is attributable to:

  • Strong systems engineering and integration capabilities due to working as prime contractors on complex projects;
  • A solid technology base developed through a strong defence and mining history; and
  • High level government investment in strategic programmes.

Exports are robust and in 2008 reached US$2.3B before softening in 2009 to US$2B (excluding subsystems and services).

South African companies offer a one-stop-shop: from design, to capacity building. Partner with South African companies to meet the fast growing opportunities offered by this awakening continent. 

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