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Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)

The Department of Trade and Industry's vision is of a South Africa that has a vibrant economy, characterised by growth, employment and equity, built on the full potential of all citizens.


SAVANT is the Department of Trade and Industry’s marketing  programme for the South African ICT & Electronics sector to build international awareness for the South African ICT & Electronics sector by promoting the industry domestically and internationally

Johannesburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE)

The Johannesburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) is a three way partnership between government, academia and industry. Based at Wits University, the JCSE is multifaceted with various programmes and facilities positioning it as a focal point of a software development industry for South Africa and the rest of the continent.

The South African Electrotechnical Export Council (SAEEC) and the Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) are joining forces to offer you access to what both organisations have to offer through one Joint Partnership Programme.

The Export Credit Insurance Corporation of South Africa Limited (ECIC)

The Export Credit Insurance Corporation of South Africa Limited (ECIC), a public company 100% owned by the South African Government, is the official Export Credit Agency of South Africa. The ECIC mandate is to promote the exports of capital goods and services and investments from South Africa by underwriting bank loans, suppliers credit and investments abroad to enable South African contractors to win capital goods and services contracts in other countries.
The ECIC need to reach out to as many potential manufacturers and or exporters of capital goods, to empower them with the value-add potential the ECIC may have to their business endeavours, their businesses and staff. This all in an effort to stimulate manufacturing and employment creation in South Africa.

United Nations Industrial Development Organisation Africa Limited (UNIDO) - Sub-Contracting and Partnership Exchange (SPX)

The UNIDO SPX program is part of a large regional programme that comprises several interlinked components, one of which is for establishing in each country a sub-contracting and partnership exchange (SPX) centre for linking suppliers to large scale buyers in the countries.

The overall aim of the SPX program is to maximise the economic impact of large scale international and local investors as well as state owned companies (SOC) by developing capacity of the local supplier base in selected African countries to successfully compete.

UNIDO is currently contracted to the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) to  implement a series of tools and initiatives to align local suppliers with buyer networks in support of the CSDP programme. The tools include supplier profiling, benchmarking, supplier capacity building and matchmaking to assist  in linking suppliers to industrial development support.                                                                                                                                    

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